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       The Binghamton Area Paranormal Society (BAPS) was founded in February of 2008 by two friends who went to an abandonded field in Chenango Bridge, New York where an old tuberculosis hospital use to stand. They walked around with just a single digital voice recorder in hopes to catch the elusive "EVP's" that they witnessed many times over watching shows like "Ghost Hunters".

        At the end of that walk around, they went back and listened to their recordings. Although they only caught one EVP that day, it changed the way they preceived this field of paranormal investigation. (CLICK HERE to listen to our first ever EVP!). From that point forward, that single EVP has lit a fire that still burns today to not only investigate the claims of the paranormal but also to help people find answers to their unknown claims. 

       Since 2008, the team roster has grown exponentially and so has our investigation history. BAPS has investigated numerous homes, businesses, restaurants, and many other properties acorss the Southern Tier of NY and surrounding areas.

       In January of 2013, after a long process and a lot of positive experiences serving our community, BAPS was named The Atlantic Paranormal Society ("TAPS" - SyFy's "Ghost Hunters") Regional Family Member. Making BAPS an official affiliate with TAPS. We could not be more proud to be apart of the elite.

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